At KANKYO Cleantech we are a one-stop-shop for anything under waste management - be it solid, liquid, gaseous or Hazardous. Our expert engineers and technicians can customize from our wide gamut of waste management offerings to suit your exact requirement. Our municipal and industrial waste treatment solutions are ideal for converting waste to energy, waste to fuel as well as liquid fuel, compost or biogas. We have an array of innovative cost effective solutions to meet our customers need.

Plasma Gasification

Technology for plasma gasification of all types of waste has reached a maturity level where Kanyo can roll it out with confidence to deserving communities.

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Super Waste Processor

Kanyo in collaborating with Daimaru Seisakusho Co, Japan has brought in an innovative green technology for mixed waste.

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Algae Based Sewage Treatment

In countries with a warm climate throughout the whole year like India, high waste water allows and favors anaerobic treatment of the entire sewage flow.

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